The pictures Above were supplied By M.V. GRINNER Charters

And all the fish you see here Have been caught on 7 3/4 LONG DEMON .


Grant and his girls had a great day out ,This 84kg stripe Marlin died under the boat After a long fight,Grant brought a 9 1/2 Hurricane of Ebay and has not looked back since .

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If they make the page you will be rewarded with a free lure or lures of the same size in the picture.

The pictures above were given by W. Bateman

of USA


Nice Blue Marlin caught on a blue /silver 12 1/2" Long Demon
This fish was on a 8" Long Demon
This fish was taken on a 6"Dragon

This lovely

Sailfish was taken on a

7 3/4" Psycho

Mr Bateman and a nice size Mia Mia

These fish go nuts over the Micro Psycho's

The albacore you see here were all taken on Master Demons