The picture bellow is the colours available in pusher type heads

Sizes available

4 1/2" , 5 3/8" , 7 3/4"

9 1/2" , 12" , 14"

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The psycho is a great pro & beginners lure as it is easy to use.It suits all positions.It puts out a massive bubble trail for a lure in there size.
Long Demon

Works well in all positions,But most success is on RIGHT Rigger.

MARLIN court on Long demon series to Date 971.

This lure was one of the first Lures MBT Lures Made in 1990, and it still widely asked for Around the world.

Sizes available

7 3/4" , 9 1/2" , 12" , 14"

Hex Demon

Sizes available

7 3/4" , 9 1/2"

This is a very unique lure,it's six sided, and a pusher face.

It's a straight runner and has landed many fish in it's trial's.Best position is long flat,or long rigger.

Micro B52
This little lure works well on all small pelagic fish,It has a fast erratic action in the water.We will be bringing out bigger versions of it in time.

Sizes available

4 1/2"



Sizes available

9 1/2"

This is a great lure for a short flat line,it has a large cupped face for pushing a lot of water and air
This lure has a wild action ,available in single or two tone as seen here, the unwaited version is great for slow troll for salmon ect.This lure will be out in other sizes soon

Sizes available

7 3/4"

Colours Available


Fluro green & Fluro yellow/clear,

All MBT LURES are available in shell upon request please look in new releases for shell type!!